Trade Marks R Us ™

We have created a new division called Trade Marks R Us™ to assist clients with registering their trade marks in a simple, efficient and cost effective way.

Just because you have a registered business name, company name or domain name does not mean you own the name for the products or services you offer or intend to offer in the future. Only a registered trade mark can give you that protection. We can assist with registering trade marks in Australia and throughout all parts of the world.

The good news is that it won’t cost you $1,000’s in legal fees, our legal fees to search and lodge your Australian trade mark application will be only $475 for the first trade mark class and $275 for each additional class plus GST and government fees* (application fee $120-$160 + registration fee $250). The cost of an overseas trade mark application is available upon request.

Your Australian trade mark registration is valid for 10 years, the total cost of registration is equivalent to about $89.25 per year/$7.43 pm/ $0.24 per day. And better, its all tax deductible. At that price you can’t afford not to protect your trade mark.

Don’t get caught up in a costly trade mark dispute because of competing trade marks when it could have been avoided by just registering your trade mark.
If you need any advice relating to your trade mark please contact Philip Monardo or call 02 9362 9019/ 0411 217 184.

*government filing fees subject to change without notice.

Trade Marks R Us is the trade mark of Legal Logics Pty Ltd ACN 097 614 554

Trademarks R Us

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