Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

At Monardo Solicitors, we understand that the complexities of real estate law can be not only confusing but a little intimidating.

Consequently, we focus on giving you clear and comprehensible advice regarding your property law transaction or matter.

If you are buying or selling a property, we offer a more bespoke service than do large conveyancing companies that prefer to make a quick buck by churning, as fast as possible, through the contracts that land on their desks.

How do we do this?

First, we take the time to explain the conveyancing process to you so you understand exactly what is going on.

Second, we manage the process so your matter is handled with maximum efficiency (which keeps costs down).

Third, we focus on the details and make sure we identify any problematic issues before they become major headaches.

If you are a tenant or landlord looking to lease a commercial or retail property, we will make sure we understand your business. We also help you not only to understand the fine print but to negotiate a lease that fits with your commercial situation. Most importantly, our litigation team can help if you find yourself in dispute over the terms of a lease.

As is widely known, living in high- or medium-density housing can lead to disputes, simply because you often have very different people living in close proximity to one another. We can advise and act for you in strata disputes, as, quite often, such disagreements can be resolved through negotiation. However, if you find yourself in a dispute that needs mediation, or to be taken to a tribunal or court, our litigation team can help you.

Our real estate practice can advise and act for you in the following areas:

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