Estate Planning

Estate Planning

What is estate planning?

It goes without saying that most people care deeply about their families.

At the same time, it can be confronting to think about what will happen to those you care about when you die.

Sadly, death is a part of life; terrible things can happen. We all want to know our families are protected in the event of the unspeakable.

Estate planning is the process by which you plan how your assets will be distributed after you die. So, it is about protecting and caring for those you leave behind.

Ultimately, estate planning is about peace of mind.


Why should you talk to us about your estate planning issues?

At Monardo Solicitors, we focus on providing our clients with cost-effective and high-quality estate planning legal advice.

Quite often, people looking at estate planning need a suite of documents that cover a range of situations.

At Monardo Solicitors, we can advise you on:

Whether your requirements are simple or very complex, we can help.

If your objectives are straightforward and you want to deal with your estate planning issues in a cost-effective way, you can fill in one of our online forms, which will enable us to prepare you:

If your situation is more complicated, we would happy to talk to you, and work with your accountants and financial advisors, to come up with the best possible estate planning solution for you and your family.

Do you need help with estate planning? Would you like to talk to a lawyer who has extensive experience in estate planning? Call our experienced wills and estates team now on 02 8006 5244.

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